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Tremendous resource for you and yours as you study God's Word

Is Genesis History?

A fabulous and thorough examination of the scientific proof that Genesis is not only a reliable account but it is also foundational to understanding all of creation.  Hear and learn from some of the most renown scientist who are also believers as they explain and show that Genesis is history!

Society of Evangelical Arminians

An incredible ministry and easily navigable webpage! Here you will find a treasure trove of information in regards to Scriptural revelation of how God works in His creation and how that plays itself out in our individual and corporate lives.  LOTS of reading and studying materials for you to peruse and consider.  Especially read the "Are you an Armenian and don't even know it?" article and survey.  

Precept Austin Bible Studies

Excellent resource for all of your Bible studies!

Bethany Mission Society

The aim of Bethany Mission Society is: To reach the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. To offer a holistic ministry through reaching, preaching, teaching and caring with the love of Christ. To train ministers of the gospel. To plant churches and build community centers. To set up orphanages and care centers for widows and those that are disabled and to create health centers for the underprivileged in society


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Evangelical Methodist Church

Cornerstone Community Church is a member of the Evangelical Methodist Church. The Evangelical Methodist Church is convinced that Jesus Christ can radically transform a life resulting in a vital, personal relationship with God and a transformed relationship with people from all cultures and ethnicities.
  April 2020  
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